Guber Tribunal: Zamfara APC disowns bribery allegations

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Zamfara State section of the All Progressive Congress, APC, has declared that the leaked bribery audio circulating connected societal media was aimed astatine tarnishing the representation of the party.

This was contained successful a connection by the APC publicity caput successful the State, Yusuf Idris Gusau.

He said successful the connection that, “It should beryllium made categorically wide that Anas Sani Anka is not a paper carrying subordinate nor a bully protagonist of the APC successful immoderate way.

“He is not an enforcement subordinate of the enactment nor has helium ever held a governmental assignment nether the APC government; thus, helium couldn’t person successful immoderate mode spoken connected behalf of the APC.

“It is our beardown content that having seen the mode the Tribunal processes are presently going, indicating that the APC is apt going to reclaim its mandate, the PDP is coming each retired to shred the process.

“Distinguished Senator Abdul Aziz Yari, who Anas claimed to person collected wealth from, has been retired of the state for a agelong time.

“PDP indispensable cognize that the Nigerian judiciary cannot beryllium intimidated with the frivolous unguarded allegations precocious by the PDP done Anas due to the fact that we already cognize their gimmick and it volition fall.”

Yusuf Idris Gusau urged each applicable information apparatus “to uncover each those down this cowardly act, including the idiosyncratic that made the recording.”

“Let the PDP recognize that the judiciary is an autarkic assemblage and that nary magnitude of intimidation oregon maltreatment volition deter it from doing justness to each Nigerian citizens, irrespective of their religion oregon governmental affiliation.

“We are calling connected our supporters successful the authorities to stay calm arsenic we are assured successful the Nigeria judiciary and justness volition beryllium done to us,” helium declared.

Guber Tribunal: Zamfara APC disowns bribery allegations

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