PDP demands thorough investigation of alleged bribery of Tribunal judges in Zamfara

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The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP successful Zamfara State, has condemned the alleged program of the All Progressives Congress, APC successful the authorities to power the yet to beryllium announced judgement of the predetermination petition tribunal successful its favour.

Addressing newsmen successful Gusau, the Acting State Chairman of the PDP, Mukhtar Muhammad Lugga alleged that the All Progressives Congress, APC was readying to marque the authorities ungovernable for the ruling party.

“The State APC has been blackmailing each the activities of the ruling enactment successful the state. The APC does not privation bid to reign successful the state”, helium alleged.

The PDP Chairman alleged that, “in a wide circulated audio recording, a staunch APC supporter, Malam Anas Anka, the managing manager of Thunder Blowers, an online TV station, openly boasted however helium was contacted by the erstwhile Governor Abdulaziz Yari.

Lugga claimed that the erstwhile politician was reported to person planned to bribe and power members of the authorities House of Assembly to commence the impeachment proceedings against Governor Dauda Lawal.

“In the aforesaid vein, the audio clip revealed that Anas Anka was making damning allegations connected the judiciary, peculiarly the judges of the authorities predetermination tribunal who helium said were induced to contented beforehand judgement successful favour of APC”.

The Chairman lamented that his enactment was bringing the caller improvement to the announcement of the authorities to forestall the anticipation of a breakdown of instrumentality and bid arsenic good arsenic to support the integrity of the judiciary which by the leaked audio has subjected them to question.

“We person directed our lawyers to instantly record an entreaty with the anticipation that the judiciary volition prehend the accidental to close immoderate imaginable crushed for miscarriage of justness that whitethorn person gone unnoticed.”

Lugga, who besides doubles arsenic the Chief of unit to Governor Lawal said his enactment has called connected the National Judicial Council, NJC to bid a afloat probe connected the allegations of foul play connected the portion of the judges of the Tribunal arsenic levelled against them by Anas Anka.

The State PDP Acting Chairman besides appealed to the DSS to invitation the Managing Editor of the Thunder Blowers online for questioning and retrieval of the yet to beryllium announced judgements helium claims to person successful his possession connected the outstanding cases of governorship and State House of Assembly petitions presently astatine the Tribunal.

The enactment besides called connected erstwhile Governor Abdulaziz Yari to, arsenic a substance of urgency, wide his sanction from the allegations of bribery, fiscal inducement and corruption levelled against him by Anas Anka.

PDP demands thorough probe of alleged bribery of Tribunal judges successful Zamfara

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